Menu Engineering

It’s not just the money you make… it’s the money you keep!

Menu Engineering… what is it?

Menu engineering is the practice of analyzing and strategically designing your menu to maximize restaurant profits. By highlighting your restaurant’s most popular and profitable items with menu psychology techniques, menu engineering constructs your menu in the most effective way. The goal is simple: to increase profitability per guest.

Your menu is your most valuable marketing tool, and more often than not, a menu update is often the least expensive change a restaurant can make!

In just three weeks, terri henry marketing can help you build a powerful menu that positively impacts the guest experience and increases the guest’s desire to return to your restaurant, while bringing more dollars to your bottom line. Simple menu tweaks can increase the profitability of your restaurant 15% or more, resulting in thousands of dollars more a year in profit.

Most restaurants can easily recoup their investment for this menu engineering service in only a couple of months!

terri henry marketing can help you:

  • Ensure that your menu is currently priced correctly for maximum profit. 
  • Understand the popularity and profitability of your menu items.
  • Restructure your menu to guide guests’ attention to your high profit items.

Simple. Easy. Affordable. Results-driven.

What will we need from you to get started?

  • Cost out your menu: Break down every item on your menu to its individual ingredients to determine the exact cost of each dish.
  • Two months item sales report: Preferably divided by category, i.e., entrees, appetizers, desserts, etc.
  • An open mind: Perhaps the most important requirement!


Our menu engineering process is made to be simple. the first week consists of an overview, examination and analysis following a “State of the Menu” meeting with your team and receipt of the items listed above. We’ll examine your challenges and goals, and please be prepared to provide input on decisions you’ve made for your current menu and the reasoning behind them. terri henry marketing may visit the restaurant multiple times during different day parts to acquire a feel for the food, beyond the numbers.

During week two, terri henry marketing studies the restaurant’s numbers -its costs and sales mix- and puts all findings and recommendations in an easy to understand and implement format.

Following week two, terri henry marketing schedules and conducts a presentation meeting that may include your chef and general manager (if applicable), your marketing team, your social media agency and menu designer – everyone who will be involved the wording, design and production of the new menu. We then take each section of the menu and break it down – then put it back together!

By the end of the meeting, your team will have recommendations for a new menu layout for your menu designer. As design proofs are generated, you include terri henry marketing to be sure the menu is on-track. terri henry marketing is then available for post-implementation analysis after 30-60 days of the new menu being in place.

Consulting Fee Schedule

Menu Engineering consulting services are available to everyone, from independent mom-and-pop shops to regional and global chains, all on a scaled fee structure. Base fees are provided below for reference, but each project is estimated individually to best serve the needs of our clients.

  • Small Independent Restaurant: $2600 
  • High Volume or Fine Dining Independent Restaurant: $4400
  • Local Restaurant Chain – 2-6 units $5500
  • Regional Restaurant Chain — 7-15 units: $9,000
  • Large Regional Restaurant Chain — 16-50 units: $12,000

Deposit of half of fees on day of initial “State of the Menu” meeting.  Balance of fees and travel/mileage expenses (if any) at due at final presentation. Travel/mileage to be pre-approved by client.

Trade: terri henry marketing will also consider trade for a portion of fees. 

Return Clients: terri henry marketing provides all return clients reduced “menu check-up” fees.

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